Coronavirus Threat To Entertainment Industry

The Coronavirus is the virus that causes pneumonia; a highly contagious respiratory illness that was first diagnosed in 2019. This particular disease affects more than a million people in Canada and the United States, with most of these cases being caused by a variant of the coronavirus called the A-family virus family. With this outbreak affecting the lifestyle of every person in the World, musicians are now learning to adjust to a ‘new normal’ as musical performances and exhibitions have been indefinitely cancelled. This is a sad day for music and art lovers everywhere but we should not forget that music and art have always been a part of our society.


With this news to many in the health industry are also starting to take notice of the issue; with many health experts stating that the outbreak could be a sign of the potential for pandemics in the future. One of the leading health agencies in Canada, Canadian Pest Management is now advising that all schools in Canada, as well as public and private homes, should implement strict screening procedures to identify individuals at high risk for the disease. This includes a health history questionnaire, and a physical examination to check for any abnormalities in the respiratory system. It has also advised that all schools use proper biosecurity practices to ensure the protection of all students. They say that, without immediate action, the risk of this virus becoming airborne and potentially infecting other students, staff and members of the public remain high.


As you can see the music and arts industry are under threat just as much as the rest of society. The health of everyone around the globe is at risk. However, with the help of the experts and the resources that the healthcare industry provides, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to continue making the music and art that you love.