tips for events

When you are looking for the top event organising tips you may be surprised at some of the options you have available to you. It may not be as simple as you think and if you are going to be successful with this it will need to take into account a wide range of different factors, including planning, budgeting, and […]


What is Social Distancing? Social distancing, otherwise known as virtual distancing, is basically the act of being at least 6 inches away from others. When it comes to COVID-19, it is an effective measure that keep people who do not live with each other from spreading the disease to each other. Therefore, you need to learn how to implement this

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formal events

Formal and casual events are generally held at varying times on different occasions. Most formal events, such as weddings, corporate dinners, trade shows and conferences, are typically held on weekday afternoons while casual ones are usually held on weekends. While this rule does not apply to most other types of day event, it does apply to some. Some casual events,

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