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What exactly is an event planner? An event planner is a person who coordinates all facets of an event, from conception to execution. They are also responsible for all the planning and the actual execution of large scale events like weddings, festivals and corporate parties. Their job description may sound quite overwhelming but in reality, it is not that complicated. […]

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Self-storage Glasgow offers space for people to safely store their personal or commercial belongings. The term self-storage is generally used to describe temporary storage facilities that are either owned by an individual or company or are shared by multiple users. The most commonly known self-storage facilities are in individual homes or businesses. The storage space is typically rented on a

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If you are running any sort of event, it is important that you have the right levels of security in place. This is because events without adequate levels of security run the risk of endangering the health and safety of the public as well as jeopardising the event itself. Therefore, proactive steps should be taken in order to ensure that

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