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Top 5 Outdoor Events For Family Fun

Whether you’re looking for something new to do or want to spend time with your kids in a different way, there are many outdoor events that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

From water balloons to squirt guns to painting, there are plenty of ways for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors. So why not plan your weekend around some of these fun activities?

outdoor events for family

Water Balloons & Squirt Guns

Water Balloons & Squirt Guns are an awesome outdoor activity for the entire family. Whether it’s an easy backyard game or a full-blown water war, these activities will keep kids entertained for hours.

Another classic that never gets old is Water Gun Capture The Flag. This version of capture the flag is a great way to add some water fun and a little competition to your event!

This game is also a great way to teach teamwork. Divide players into two teams and have them defend their water balloon (instead of a flag) while trying to capture and pop the other team’s.

Friendly Competition

Friendly competition can be a fun way to encourage healthy family bonding, and there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. Some ideas include a water balloons & squirt guns contest, a neighborhood game night, or a family friendly movie.

It’s also important to know when and how to use friendly competition to your advantage, as well as knowing the risks involved. Competitiveness can be a good thing when it comes to sports and other hobbies, but it’s easy to get carried away and take your friendships for granted.


The picnic is a classic summer activity that brings everyone together to enjoy a simple meal and connect with one another. With just a few simple planning steps, you can host a great family event that’s perfect for any weather!

Whether you’re throwing a large or small picnic, there are plenty of fun games that can be played to keep the kids engaged. Here are a few to try out at your next outdoor picnic!

Set up a relay race where players have to unpack and set up their picnic baskets in a timely fashion. It’s a fun way for kids to be involved in the setting up of a picnic and helps them to learn how to organize their things in a tidy manner.


Painting, sometimes known as Plein Air painting, is a great way to spend family time in nature. It can be as simple as picking up a paintbrush and painting the landscape you see before you, or it can be more ambitious and involve capturing a full landscape.

The practice of painting is a complex one that incorporates many different mediums and methods. It includes painting on paper, canvas, wood, glass, metal, lacquer, and a variety of other materials.

Rock Hunting

Rock hunting is a popular hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a good way to explore the outdoors and add some unique activities to your camping adventures.

Kids can search for rocks near their home or at your favorite lake site. This activity can also be an excellent family bonding experience.

Rock Hunting is a great way to spend time with your family outdoors, and it’s easy for parents and kids of all ages to participate. The activity requires no special equipment, and it’s a great way to keep kids active in the summertime!

Snow Fun

When it comes to snow days, there’s nothing more exciting than being outside with the kids and enjoying some winter fun. Bundle up in your warmest winter coats, mittens, and boots and venture out to the snow with these fun activities!

Take your children on a hike or sled ride to explore the local park or trails. Have them look for tracks made by animals like raccoons, squirrels, cats, dogs, deer, foxes, otters, and birds.

Once they’ve spotted these prints, encourage them to sketch them or have them find a picture online to identify them. This activity will help them develop their fine motor skills and encourage them to learn about nature.