Pre-Conference Events (PCE)

Below you will find details of the BALEAP 2019 Pre-Conference Events. Attendance at the PCEs costs £45. Please register to attend the events when you complete your full conference registration.

Language Testing & Assessment – Parkinson Building B.09 & B.10

The BALEAP conference language testing workshop will include opportunities to revise a new listening test with an emphasis on developing effective item writing skills. Also included in the workshop will be the development of a c-test and ideas on how to create a robust set of language test specifications.

The overall theme is that developing effective test writing skills can have a significant impact on the development of similarly effective materials for the EAP classroom.

Colleagues who have attended previous language testing roadshows are invited to note the changes to the 2019 pre-conference language testing agenda.

It is anticipated that this will be a three hour event beginning at 09.30 and continuing until 12.30.

John Slaght (BALEAP Testing Officer)

BALEAP Biennial TEAP PCE – Parkinson Building B.22

The purpose of the TEAP Scheme is to encourage and recognise the continuing professional development of individual BALEAP members. The Scheme is portfolio-based and appropriate for EAP teachers at any stage of their careers, whether they are based in the UK or overseas.

This presentation will provide an introduction to the Scheme and the three pathways of Associate Fellow, Fellow and Senior Fellow, and will then go on to provide practical advice about how to unpack the TEAP Criteria, build up the portfolio and write the reflective account.

By the end of the presentation participants will have a clear understanding of what the reflective account and case studies need to do, and what the next steps should look like.

The PCE will be held 10:00 – 12:00, Friday 12 April.